I have always been an avid listener of the « Teaching of Abraham », and today I was listening to a special segment about converting thoughts into matter. Most people don’t understand this because they believe that as soon as they think about something, it will come to them right away. It really depends on the circumstances and of what really needs to be achieved. For example: Some people write songs. Some will write a song in 2 minutes and it will be a hit. Some may take 2 months to write it but that song doesn’t even hit the Hit Parade. It is all about what is to be and not to be. What you desire is not necessary aligned with what is supposed to be, sometimes. 

If you struggle, there is a big chance that it is not meant to be. But, how do I know if it is meant to be or not?

I would start with asking: “What do you feel when you are thinking of the end result?” Are you excited? Do you have goose bumps? Are you so enthusiastic about doing what it takes to get to the end result? If you answered yes to every questions, then you are probably in the right path. If you answered no, and the only reason that you want to achieve what you have in mind is to make something for yourself, like a financial gain, possibly you are not barking at the right tree.

I have learned that you need to go with the flow. I don’t search any more for special things. I let special things come to me. Just for example….

Today, I was ready way before my time to go to work. So, since I didn’t have enough milk to make a second coffee, I decided to leave earlier and go to Tim Horton’s for a coffee. When I got there, they had those nice bracelets for sale to the profit of their “Camp Day”. They were very nice. Each one had a theme: Inspire, Dream, Believe and Empower. So, of course I bought 5, not knowing which one I had twice. My plan was to give one of each to the ladies that I work with, and for to keep one for me. So, I put the bracelet in my pack sack and kind of forgot about them.

During our day, a lady came in the store. She seemed a bit sad. She mentioned to us that she had breast cancer and she didn’t have a good result today from her doctor. As always, my intuition just popped into the conversation… I started to chat with the lady and mentioned her that although she was not in a good situation, that there is always room to find things to “FEEL GOOD”, which is the primary thought that you need to have when any circumstance arises.

She mentioned that it is what she was doing today: doing all things that made her “FEEL GOOD” and coming to our store was one of the thing on her list because every time she comes to our store she “FEELS GOOD”. She also started to mention that she was also looking for some bracelet that were at Tim Horton’s and that she was trying to get them but she had already went to three Tim Horton’s and couldn’t find any. Well… I ran in the back store and pulled out the bracelets that I had purchased that morning and went for the one that I was doubled. And, to my big surprise it was the one that mentioned “DREAM”. So, I gave her the bracelet. It was also blue which matched the towel that she came to get as a prize from one of the cards that she had received that month.

So, without even thinking about doing something special that day, it happened. And, I strongly believe that this was done all by divine power, Universe, whatever you call it, it is that thing that is bigger than us and runs the show.

So, what do you think will happen to you tomorrow, which will be a big surprise to you and to someone else that you cross path with?