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A Natural Health Practioner’s role

A Natural Health Practitioner centers their energy on the person’s health and not on the disease.  After consultation, he/she will be able to find the reason for the person to feel unhealthy.  With recommendations and the person’s cooperation, it will be easy to feel better.  It is a gentle therapy accompanied with a lot of health information.  The person gradually returns to healthy habits and good healthy nutrition.

It will require some faith and patience from the person that wants to return to health.  Disease doesn’t appear in a healthy body overnight.  Many signs can be observed before disease takes place:  gastric problems, insomnia, headaches, etc… It is very important to understand that problems like hypertension and cholesterol are not considered as a disease.  They announce to the person that there is indeed a problem with their health and that it should be rectified and not muffled with the absorption of medication. Medication is only there to temporarily give relief but not to cure.  Medication can also bring about new health problems.

When disease has settled in and that the person’s life is in danger, it is sometimes recommended to take medication…  At this point, the Natural Health Practitioner will help the person to find a healthy equilibrium with the prescribed medication.

So, the Natural Health Practitioner takes care of the individual.  Instead of prescribing medication (since medication doesn’t stop the problem to occur or diminish), he will find the source of the problem and recommend to the person different therapies.  This might be as simple as a new dietary plan and /or to increase their physical activities.

A one and hour consultation is $75.  It is important and recommended to have a follow-up about three to four months after the initial consultation ($30).  All other consultations are 15 minutes and are $30.

It is a personalized consultation that includes about 70 questions to determine the cause of the person’s health problem.  Then, the person receives an ease to follow a list of recommendations.

It all depends on the person’s willingness and willpower for health to be re-established.  This could be a long journey, depending on how long the person has had the health problem and their willingness to cooperate, but with perseverance, the person will be awakened to a totally new life experience.

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