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Getting out of this mess

Image result for feeling of discouragementHave you ever wondered why you seem not to be able to get out of a messy situation? Seems that day after day you are stuck into something that you would like to get out of, but every morning you get up you are still into it? Why?

There are two kinds of messy situations. There is the kind that is physical. This one is the kind that you are living every day. An ungrateful boss or spouse. They are always in your face, sort of speak. Then there is the kind that has happened to you in the past. The kind that has really harmed you. The kind that you are trying to find a way to heal yourself but you seem not to be able to find any solution. Or, possibly, you are always trying the same escape route and it is definitively not working.

Sometimes, you might need the help of a good friend or even a professional to get you out of these situations. It is very hard to assess a situation when emotional vibes are stuck to them.

When our body is stuck in an emotional pattern, the brain continues to produce the same chemical substance that matches the emotion that you are stuck in. If it is fear, you brain creates the fear chemical substance that bombards your body over and over again. If it is sadness, same things happens. It is the same for hate, anger, disappointment, and the list goes on. When your body is bombarded day after day with the same chemical substances, your cells will modify themselves to receive more and more of them, to the point where sometimes, the cell doesn’t have any room on the outside to receive what the body needs as nutrients. Then you can see health issues arise.

And then there is the tipping point. Your body becomes addicted to those specific chemical substances that your brain is producing and will demand more of that same substance. So, you are no more in charge and your body is. To produce more of those substances, your brain will create memories of what makes you sad, angry or hateful to produce those chemical substances to feed your cells. Guess what? You have are now and addict of your own negative emotions.

So, how do you get out of this crazy roller-coaster? The first step just happened without you even knowing it. You just got aware of what is happening in your body just by reading this short blog.

Then you need to be aware the next time that you feel angry, sad or hateful and change that thought to better thought. You must have had some good time in your life too. Get those memories working for you! If you haven’t any good memories, create some. Find some happy thoughts to replace those angry, sad or hurtful thoughts that seems to come over and over again.

Now, this is not something that will occur over night. However, by just realizing what is happening inside you when you have negative thoughts, might give you that extra boost to get out of this rut.

I explain more of this paradigm in chapter 7 of my book “This book is not for you” – purposely written for me, but may be life changing for you.

Have a super great day!


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