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A transitional blog would be to explain what I was doing, compared to what I will be doing. Well, for me it would be from being as sick as a dog to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

As many of you may know, I am a Natural Health Practitioner. However, I have tried everything to support this single girl to help her go through many events during these past 10 years: death of a dear friend, business idea that just went blah, taking care of a teenager affected with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, transition from being a self-employed to an employee at a call center then to managerial position at a well-known cosmetics store, and then back to a call center (because of the plandemic) and finally to be put on a long term disability plan since February 2021. The worst time for me has been the past 3 years. And I also have seen many not knowing what to do during these times of craziness. I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety, and of course to top it off, I was also diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Fibromyalgia. I spent two of those years mostly in bed, because of pain. I would take the maximum dose of Advil Extra per day. Some days, I might have a few hours of relief, just enough to go do a bit of groceries. I had lost most of my friends because of my beliefs (didn’t take the jab).

I am writing this post because I want people to know that there is always hope. Even in your worst times, Source (God, or whatever you want to call it) has plans for you. From dumping a tiny little kitten on my doorstep, to reuniting me with a former business partner, I may say now that Source is helping me seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But before this story needs to be at its best ever, there have been a few hiccups which need to be taken care of.

If any of you are depending on what the government has to give you to barely survive in your golden years, I think that you might want to reconsider and recalculate that measly hand out they are offering you. This is why I have decided to go back to Affiliate Marketing. Not any company, though. I have to tell you that the one that I am planning to join has helped me tremendously with the pain, depression and anxiety. Not completely out of the woodworks yet but definitely enough for me to sit at a computer and write about it.

I am at the early eve of my life, and I am also working on many things that I would like to leave as a legacy. But my biggest gift ever would be to be able to help as many people as I can regarding their health (of course), wealth and spirituality. This is why I have always liked what Affiliated Marketing has to offer.

So here I go…  again…