This is an extract from my book “This book is not for you”. A book that helped me go through a lot of turmoil in the past few years. Enjoy!


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When you are young, we are told to listen to our parents. In school, we need to listen to the teacher. At work, it is definitely going to be the boss. But what do they mean to listen to the voice of reasoning? In the Bible, God would pop up in the scenario as a burning bush. Have men been so unable to decide by themselves, or did they always need to have something or someone else to tell them what to do?

I have listened to many people. As of today, none of those suggestions have made me a better person. I have maybe made those people satisfied in their quest of making Carole be their puppet, but none of their suggestions have made me proud, satisfied, achieve, or rich. But every time that I was told something by someone else, there has been that little tug at my heart. A faint voice inside saying: “I wouldn’t do that if I were you”. We could consider that the voice of reasoning.

It comes to you when you are at most not really feeling it. You tell yourself later: “Ah, shucks! I should have done this – or not.” This is, what is called by many now, your guiding system.

Remember in a previous chapter I explained about energy? Well, we are an energy field within another energy field. The inner energy field, which is connected to the outer energy field – Source – is telling or showing you what to do or not to do. Now, I am not talking about the ego, because the ego will make you do things that you really shouldn’t do. So, how do we know if it is our true self or our ego?

Very easy! The ego will always only think about the one, not the self but the one. The one is the part that believes in possessions, accumulations, selfishness, not giving, and anything that is about riches. Something like the “precious”. The self or the inner self – the inner energy field – thinks always about the whole, others, the community.

This might take some work to understand, but the next time that you are in a circumstance that you need to make a decision, ask yourself: “Will this benefit only me, or by doing so will I contribute to the collectiveness?”

Now, let’s also be realistic here. When it comes to your health, it is very important that you choose to improve your health. Don’t believe that God is keeping you ill for a purpose. In no way God, the Universe, or Source, would want to keep you ill as an example to others. There is enough illness in this world that we can see the difference between ill and healthy. Don’t ever believe that you are not worthy. You are more than worthy. When you think these thoughts, you are in a state where the body has taken over your mind and you need to shake yourself out of this misery. We will be talking more about this state soon.

For a long time I have been in a depressive mood. Not being able to get out of it. I had to reprogram my mind, my body and find my true self to help me with this. Speaking to yourself is not madness… lol. If there is an energy field within another energy field, yes I talk to myself. Sometimes it may even feel that there are 3 people in here: Your divine self, consciousness and subconsciousness. We’ll talk more about that later on too.

So, who do you listen to? Always listen to yourself first. You are the one that has to deal with what is going to be done, so it is crucial that you have a say in what needs to be done. It is not called selfishness, it is called self-awareness. It’s being present, in the moment. It is not being untrustworthy. It is helping you be there, really grasping what is going on.

Mind you that there are people out there that you need to be careful with. They will make you do anything in their power so they can accumulate the riches. Some will put you in a position that they don’t want to be in, and when they see that you prosper and surpass their egotistical rank, then they will make you look bad or use their rank to lower you back to what they believe you should be so that they can stay number one in their egotistical mind. Promotions do that to a lot of people. They believe that they are better than you and they will do everything they can to keep it that way, unfortunately.

But you should never feel lower than anyone on this planet. You are worthy. You are here for a reason and the first reason is …. “FEELING GOOD”! And the first person that you should be listening to is yourself, no exception.

Some might say that you should be listening to God first. God is within. We are made in the image of God. God is the energy field which all energy fields are made of, including yourself. Our inner energy field is part of God. So who do you listen to? In a sense, we are listening to God when we listen to our true self, our inner energy field, or our guiding system. And, that guidance system will never put you in a situation that is not appropriate, self-destructive, and in any emotionally negative circumstances. Your inner guidance wants you to thrive, be happy, and flourish. If you egotistically accept to do something that your inner guiding system didn’t agree with, you are not going to be punished but will have to deal with any consequences that might emerge. God doesn’t punish, like a lot of people tend to believe, It allows.

We are here to learn. When a child learns to walk, he falls down and gets back up again. Same for adults. We fall and we learn to get back on our feet, over and over again.

So, we are here to “FEEL GOOD” and to learn… which brings us to our next chapter.

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