The common cold

COMMON COLD I have copied word for word, of what is written below, from the Anatomica – The complete home medical reference, since there are so many vehicles that might supress it or even delete it. The common cold can be caused by one of five viral families that, between them, encompass a couple of… Continue Reading


Now that we have seen all four temperaments, you need to know that you do have a dominant temperament and it is always linked to a secondary one. So 4 temperaments truly turns into six different combinations that you will feel very comfortable saying that it is you. So if we combine Powerful/Pleasurable – Pleasurable/Powerful… Continue Reading


Since these people love to have fun, we will call them the Pleasurable Ones. These people are always happy. They like to have fun. They’re the one that mingle at parties and you will always hear them over the entire crowd, since their laugh is powerful. They enjoy connecting with new people. They love to… Continue Reading


Welcome to the world of the Refined Ones: an inborn need to be precise and exact in all that they do. Now, these people need their way of living as going on a train ride. The tracks are perfectly aligned to one another and there are no deviation between them. However, the Refined Ones will… Continue Reading


OMG! Have mercy on their souls for what is going in this world right now… The Peaceful Ones are such: peaceful. They are all about harmony and cooperation. If ever war would break out with the other people, the Peaceful Ones will just watch from a distance and wait to see who wins and then… Continue Reading


THE POWERFUL ONES Oh God, have mercy on our souls… lol… Now, by just writing this, gives you a glimpse of what I could be: part Pleasurable… lol. These Powerful Ones will either look at something being white or black, no grey area. What they want is to get it done, now! They have a… Continue Reading


In the next six weeks, I would like to offer you part of what my FEEL GOOD Free Webinar is offering. Each part of this webinar is directed in answering deep questions that sometimes are hard to find the answer. I am here to tell you that most of the time the answers are right… Continue Reading