Disease is a healthy body with extra baggage. Take away the excess baggage and you have a healthy body again. People tend to do the contrary. Instead of finding what is in excess, they add more. So we take antalgics or analgesics, antacids, antibiotics, anticoagulants, aspirin, barbiturates, beta blockers, bronchodilators, corticosteroids, diuretics, histamine, hypnotics, laxatives, neuroleptics, and tranquilizers to name a few.

We never lost our health. It’s still there under all that camouflaged, chemically induced, false healing potions that we take without questioning the giver. Our body fight all the time for us to keep us alive, even though we bombard it with man-made chemicals that only halter our perception of the disease, or even brings in more symptoms that of course would need more chemicals for our body to try to dissipate. For some, it ends quickly. For others, it lasts many years. Many years of pain and confusion. Some will continue seeing the same doctor, plus a hand full of specialists to their dying breath.

We have lost the ability to read and understand our symptoms and to give what our body really needs. We have put trust into people that also have lost these abilities.

As per the medical field, we are categorized into two groups: “the ones that needs their services, and the other group, the ones that will eventually need their service, because a healthy person is only a potentially ill person to the eyes of this big business”.

I would like to quote Dr. Christiane Northrup on this system that we have right now, because it is pretty accurate. She says:

  • “This is really important. We don’t have a Health Care System folks, we have a disease screening, disease care, crisis intervention, pharmaceutical maintenance system. It doesn’t really have to do with health at all except to bring you back from the jaws of death. It’s very good for acute care. It runs on fear and doesn’t acknowledge the wisdom of an illness or the wisdom of a symptom you might have. The crisis intervention mode is this: Think of a health care system as a raging river with rapids and doctors and the health care system are in power boats running out into the rapids grabbing the drowning victims and resuscitating them in high rise buildings called hospitals where they are then triage to pharmaceuticals maintenance of the rest of their lives. That’s most of that. Then there’s the better chemistry approach to health and this is that you can’t go through live without being on at least one or two prescription drugs. I spent my whole life in the rapids, getting very good with the power boats. I could steer those babies and refuel them and I could work in the high rise thing and then I said: “You know what? Why don’t I go upstream and see why people are jumping off the bridge, in the first place, or at least see who’s pushing them off.”

We need more doctors like Christiane Northrup.  The system is full of doctors that are only there for the pay. They don’t even want to touch you anymore. I remember when I was younger, when it was time for a checkup, there were no getting out of it, and you had to strip. Now, they are just listening to what you are saying and waiting to hear where it hurts and making sure that the prescription pad is used. Sure some have been caught in some sexual harassment cases and possibly that is why doctors won’t touch patients anymore. I understand that there can be faulty beings on both sides. But when you are complaining about pain and they don’t even touch or look, how can they prescribe something for what?

I am not saying that we don’t need them at all. They are very good on our final time on earth and when you have to go through an operation, they are quite busy and present. Besides that, they are what Dr. Northrup described above.

Went a bit negative here, and I apologize. However, the “Health System” shouldn’t be called that. It should be called “Crisis System”. A health system should do what they advertise: “Health”. And by that I mean health education, at all levels: Body, mind and soul.

What we need to repeat ourselves is that “our body has the capacity to heal itself given the necessary and natural elements such as food, air, water, exercise, plenty of rest, etc.” It knows how to defend itself without the help of any vaccines. It knows how to, without us telling it. It is a marvelous machine.

A cold is merrily a way for your body to tell you that it’s lacking antioxidants. A diarrhea is your body expulsing rapidly what is not needed in your body. If you have constipation, then that expulsion is difficult and the causing agent of a disease might not be expulsed. Afterwards, the disease will incubate and show up at a later date.

When I took the Natural Health Practitioner course I was fascinated. At that time, I unfortunately had gone true many different diseases and also was without a few parts that were removed instead of investigated. What were they telling me? What is it that I was doing wrong or had done wrong to be in that state? Unfortunately, this was not just a few weeks ago but a full 46 years of uncaring for my body and following whatever diet that was given to me as a child and what I had learned from generations of non-education in the health department.

Even though I was 46 years old and a few part missing, there were still lots of things that I could start now and then, to help my body to heal itself. With that course, I helped my body to regenerate itself! This is when my vision became:

“Help your body to regenerate itself”.

I also worked on what would be my mission. Being without some body parts, I asked myself if it was possible to be healthy, and the answer is yes. Your body is a very intelligent machine. It will retrieve what it needs from other parts of the body when needed. Did you know that even though you have a total hysterectomy (removal of uterus and ovaries), your body can still retrieve the precious hormones from your adrenal glands? Of course, you need to know that and you need to have a healthy body so that will happen. If you suffer from what doctors call “adrenal fatigue”, your adrenal glands are already maxed out. At this point, for you to be able to retrieve those precious life giving hormones, is almost impossible. So, my mission became:

“To put the individual’s well-being in harmony with life’s circumstances.”

As individuals, we constantly change through the course of time and circumstances. We need to adapt to what is places in front of us. However, we are always challenged with what our body needs and this is why I have sat down at the very beginning of my course to find a way to understand these needs and to be able to explain these needs easily to others.

So this is how I came up with my “Flower of Hope”. I consider myself as a “Hope Dealer”. It makes people chuckle a bit when I tell them that and it also puts them at ease when we get to explain this marvelous six step process to a healthy body.


At first glance it seems that they are all individual and separate subjects. However, they are all intricately intertwined and each one is needed for your body to function properly, thus being healthy. So let’s investigate each subject…