This Book is Not for You


I was writing the introduction, only a few minutes after I had Skyped with my publisher. The contract was being created and would be sent to me as soon as possible, then it was signed in the following few days. I am so excited right now. It feels like I am walking on clouds. Who would have guessed that that little old me would one day publish a book?

It all started at the beginning of December 2017, when I was in between jobs. There I was, just turned 59 years old, not really quite understanding what was happening at that time. It seemed that I still didn’t have a handle on life. Of course, in the past 12 years there had been a very big improvement. However, I quite still didn’t find the right recipe for Carole.

My recipe!!! Those words moved something inside of me. All of a sudden, I was writing at the speed of light, all the things that needed to be done when Carole is down, and the “how to” get those things back on track. That’s right! A book that would help me get out of my slump in a faster easier way. Why not? So within 18 days, I wrote this book.

Also within that time frame, I fell upon a Dr. Michael Beckwith YouTube service and fell completely in love with the way he delivered a sermon. He also incorporated meditation in his service and that really worked for me.

I have been an avid follower of Dr. Joe Dispenza for the past 12 years. However, I never could get into his ways of meditating. So, Dr. Beckwith’s meditations became the missing link of my recovery book sessions.

Each person has their own Guiding System. You have to trust It. I sure didn’t always. But in the past few months, I have come to bow down and honor Its revelations.

From this book I wrote in December 2017, to getting into Dr. Michael Beckwith’s meditations and services, to going to Agape Revelation 2018 in California, USA, to manifesting a drive to a coffee shop after the first service on Sunday morning at Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, USA, and in meeting a publisher at that convention, I have accepted that I do manifest my destiny through the help of the Universe’s pulls and tugs. And, for some reason, it is going at a very fast pace right now.

This book was written for me, yes. However, I have rewritten it with enough space for you to write and create your own recipe to a good life. Remember, the life that you want for yourself is not to compliment others. Although others are showing you different ways of going about your life, your plans and your life is not theirs. Sure, you will have some bumps and pot holes along the way. But, what happens is meant to be to create your story.

This book might have some controversial subjects that you might not agree with. However, you need to understand that this book was at one point written to help one soul: “me”. And then, I rewrote it so that you can also benefit from it. It is to help you, step by step, to regain your health, your mental focus on things, and understand what your true wealth is: “you”.

So, don’t hesitate in taking a few minutes here and there and meditate on what your potentials and dreams are. I have put enough space so that you can write your personal opinions, ah-ha moments and any questions that you may have that you would like to ask the Universe. Believe me! It does listen and it does answer back. We are just too busy to slow down and listen.

I would suggest that you get a pen or pencil, a highlighter and some post-its, and make this book yours. Write notes in the spaces provided or wherever you want. Highlight what you believe you should come back to or your AH-HA moments. Use the post-it for book marks, so you can flip back to a favorite place. This is usually what I do with books. I don’t read them. I devour them… lol.

Have fun with this book. Make it yours and also make it your passage to a brand new awakening.

You can find the book on Amazon or you also can contact me and I can send you a signed autograph copy. Just send me an email at saying that you would like to receive a signed copy.