Hi y’all!

It’s been a long time since I wrote. However, this morning, after reading a post on Facebook, I needed to explain something. I don’t want you guys to believe that I am judging in any way, but this needs to be said.

Every day, I go through my Facebook posts. Some inspire me to write my journal for that specific day. Others help me create those Facebook posts I have been doing, which many people are commenting and saying that they do enjoy. I truly like this part of my day.

However, sometimes I get this post that just turns my stomach and if that happens to often with that same person, an unfollowing procedure occurs… lol

Now, this morning someone brought up something very controversial and I needed to write about it. It’s all about how it was said, which has a big impact on what is going to reverberate to the Universe. It is what is called “The Law of Deliberate Intentions”.

If you do not want something to happen, you don’t mention it. Now, let’s rewrite this in the way the Universe understood it. “If you want something to happen, you mention it”. It’s not that the Universe doesn’t see the negative in the sentence. It is what is written or mentioned. The Universe goes with the feeling. That you feel that it should or shouldn’t happen, you are feeling it, and the Universe delivers more of what you are feeling.

I was reading a post about a young woman that had sent her wedding gown to this company that makes baby gowns out of it. These gowns are for babies that don’t make it out of the hospital when they are born. Some people would say that it is a good intent, others would feel that giving the gown to someone that cannot afford a wedding dress would be more of a good gesture. But that dress belong to that lady and she should do what she wants to do with it. Everybody have their own and different thoughts and ideas and it’s okay.

What bothered me with her post was her final quote: “Has much as the little gowns are beautiful – and they were, I hope that they are never needed”. That young woman has no idea what kind of intent she has sent into the Universe. Seventeen little gowns were made out of that dress and seventeen future babies will wear them, without a doubt. Every time that she will be thinking about her gown, she will be thinking about a baby that doesn’t make it and is wearing her gown. If you “hope that they are never needed”, then don’t do the action that goes with the end product.

I know that it might seem very morbid with what I am saying, however what you send into the Universe, comes back every time. I do understand that dressing up those little angels into something as precious as a gown made out of a wedding dress is a brilliant idea. But what was not okay in this story is the fact that this specific lady did it but she hopes that no babies would wear it.

Let’s put this vibe into another story so some would understand it better. No one on this planet are for any disease, however billions of dollars are sent to campaigns about “Breast Cancer Awareness”, “Diabetes Awareness”, “Any disease Awareness”. We don’t need to be aware of the disease, we need to be aware of how a healthy body works and give it what it needs to be able to combat all those diseases – make it strong.

I give lots of seminars about how the body works and what we should do to make sure that it works properly. I would explain scenarios of how the pancreas works and what could help it to run effectively. As soon as questions and answers period started, it’s as if people were not listening at what I was saying. Questions were: “How could I get rid of my Diabetes?”, “What kind of diet would you suggest for diabetes?, and my favorite, “What would you suggest: the needle or the pump?”. I don’t work for diabetes. I work to help people to regain health. I help them to get their body back to par so that there is no more room for disease. When your body is healthy, there is no place for disease.

People say: “What can you do for MY blood pressure?” “What do you have for MY cholesterol?” “What kind of natural products do you have for MY arthritis?” And my answer is: “NOTHING”! AND, these don’t belong to you. I have techniques and products that are good for regaining a well-balanced and healthy body.

Unfortunately, some people will never understand. They create recipes without sugar, but still there is flour and call it a Diabetic Cake… lol. They replace butter with margarine. You should google what margarine is made of and why it was made in the first place. The milk from our cows are full of antibiotics and agents that increases the production of milk, which then go into the system of our body. The meat are also full of all kind of pathogenic products. Our fish are full of all chemicals that are dumped by big companies that are not following governmental rules and regulations. We have governments that do not attack these big companies because they are their main contributors to their electoral campaigns. What a wonderful world we have created. We need as a race to surpass these problems with the proper and positive outcome.

Although all those bad things happen to our food, our body is still a machine that, when balanced, can get rid of all those chemical products. We just need to know that. We need to educate the masses. Some still don’t know about what our wonderful body is able to do.

We don’t need to rally people to do this or that. We just need to do the right thing ourselves and be a good example. Plant a garden. Educate yourself about good food to eat. Learn about how your body works. Avoid products that are nourishing your health problem, and get whatever that is going to help you to regain a healthy body. Investigate. Ask questions. If you are not getting the answer where you are asking, go somewhere else. Find someone that gives you hope instead of despair. If someone doesn’t have the solution for you, find someone that does.

It’s your life and you should be living it at its fullest every day.

Coming back to the saying, always remember that what you feel is what your body will give you. Your emotional system is directly linked with your hypothalamus and pituitary gland which create peptides equal to the emotions you are feeling. If you bring about the feeling over and over again, your body becomes addicted to that feeling. After that your body will crave those feeling and will request the peptides that goes with the feeling. It is a merry-go-round that can only be broken by being aware of it. Emotions are the cradle of many unwanted disease. I will have more about that in my book, “This book is not for you”, which is coming out soon…