So, how do you create a book? I have been on this quest now for the past few months. I believe that if I write down what I need to know to help me regain my joy, then, whenever I would feel down and out, I would just pick up the book and read a few chapters and say: “Ah-ha, that’s what I forgot!”, and move from there. Something like you break the glass when there is a fire, my book is read in case of turmoil… lol.

So, what do I put in that book? Well, one thing that I have decided not to put in the book is anything pertaining to my past that would make me blue, and that is a lot. Isn’t it funny when you meet someone, the first few things that they start asking is: “Who’s your father and mother?; where were you born?; who are your brothers and sisters?; not necessarily the best questions to ask. Why can’t someone just accept the other person as is? How about asking the sublime question: “Are you happy? What makes you happy? What do you do to make you happy? Or, anything related to happiness so that the person you are conversing with has a glimpse of what happiness is.

I knew for a long time that I needed to be different. I needed to change. I mean physically change: Lose some weight AND rewire my brain.

Joe Dispenza showed me what needs to happen in my brain for the changes. I also understood how it need to change: by monitoring and being aware of my emotions – the ones that have always been driving my life. His simple explanation of how it works really helped me. However, his methods of meditation didn’t work for me. I needed to find a different approach to meditation. Dr. Michael Beckwith’s mediation however works for me and I feel the power surges within me when I do his meditations.

It seems that I was going from one person to the other. However, I found my uniqueness by tweaking everyone’s program to fit my personal spiritual development. This is very important for me. Dr. Beckwith touches what I truly believe. He has a unique way of reaching inside of you, to your true self, and pull out your greatness.

Now that I know the why it should be done, and the how to do it, I feel very confident about my life journey and what I can bring to this book and hopefully to this world, even though I still have a bit of fear as to how and when I will achieve it. It is a day by day adventure.

I had hit a wall, my spiritual wall, in 2014. I was seeking answers but couldn’t find them. I was deaf to some guides, not because I didn’t understand but it didn’t jive with my true self. Dr. Beckwith is what makes my AH-HA moments go wild.

For me to make my vision come forth, I need to change, and in changing I mean physically, mentally (rewiring my brain), spiritually (finding my peace with my soul and others who feel the same way as me).

So, not much from the past will be in this book, because the past is the past. You can learn from the past, build from the past and forget the past – for those who can – but the past is not a subject that a lot of people like to go into, besides the “past-addicted” people, which I will explain later in the book.

Since I am writing this book specifically to help me get back on track, let’s enumerate a few things that I do have some issues with, and maybe a few of you might correlate with what I am about to write.

  1. Why the heck am I here for?
  2. Is there a God?
  3. Why are people so mean?
  4. Who should I listen to?
  5. What truly drives us?
  6. And what part does the body has to do in this?
  7. What is the mind?
  8. What is the soul?
  9. My “Flower of Hope” – my gift to you
  10. Putting it all together

Many books have been written on all these subjects. However, not everyone speaks to me the same way that it would speak to you. I have a journey that has started at the beginning of 2006 – I know, I wasn’t going to speak about the past, but this part doesn’t make me blue – and that is when I have found out that there is something bigger than ourselves out there and It also is part of all of us, or should I say that we are all part of It.

So, this book will be all about faith, hope and love (joy), which love (joy) being the most important of all. It is at the top of the mountain compared to all other emotions you can dish out. I will be relating more about joy at the beginning of the book because a lot of people cannot grasp love. It is a word that is greatly misunderstood, like God. Some people relate love to sex and it is not the case. Some also relate God to a white bearded man who lives in the clouds, but again they are wrong. We will be discussing these in great detail in some chapters to come.

Events, good or bad, tend to make you forget the principal things in life. It is important to have some markers that bring you back on track. This is why I decided to write this book. I tend to get off track, often. Doesn’t take much: a bad job, a relationship gone wrong, and death of a loved one – that’s a bit more than much – and loneliness. You can easily add to this list but I hope that you get the picture. When I get off track, I tend to go to the other end of the stick where despair, sadness and loneliness live. And, sometimes it takes me a long time to get out of that slump. However, I have found a way to get out of it quicker and that is where my book comes into play. So, if I tend to forget about how magnificent we are as beings, I quickly read through a few chapters and tada! Back on track.

The information in this book is well documented from many other books and documentaries I have read or watch in the past years. I will be talking about them and why maybe you should read or watch them yourself. It is up to you. They are only suggestions. Not here to turn you into a religious fan or spiritual guide. Just here to help me first, remember. If it buzzes with you, great. There are quotes from all books that I have read; what resonates with me; some ah-ha moments I had; and there might even be some questions that never been answered but are just there to make me dream or meditate.

There has been and are still some very great teachers on this planet. Some come in some very peculiar fashion. Some people might be offended by them, but I always say to keep an open mind on all things. There is always something to learn.

If you feel you should continue, I need for you not to be judgemental about this book. Like I said, it’s not for you but for me. If you are insulted by that phrase, well maybe you shouldn’t continue reading, because there are some pretty divergent subjects and not everyone is ready to hear what I have to say. However, it does work for me and everyone should find a way to be grounded and at the same time be part of the big Picture.

As you maybe know I am not a prophet, I am only a very ordinary girl who just has found her balance in life and wants to share her story. As one of my friends once said: “Your story matters… “

So, good reading. I have put lots of space for you to write your own comments in this books. I find that all books I have read have never enough place to write things, spur of the moment ideas, your thoughts. I find that we need to read a book with the feeling that you are going to learn something or it will brew something up inside of you. I sometime will read a sentence in a book and turn around and write three pages in my journal regarding that simple little sentence. If you find the urge to write something, go ahead. Make it your own book. Write some things that will make you feel good later on. We never know. Maybe reading this book will put you on your own quest of understanding. Maybe it will entice you to read more, learn more. This is one of the parts that we are here for: to learn more. Thus the reason we are always asking the question: “Why?”

And finally, be assured that you are blessed more than you have ever been told. You are loved more that you have ever been told. You are unique more than you have ever been told. Don’t ever forget this. Write it and place it somewhere that you will see it every day. Don’t let your body tell you otherwise.

And now, turn the page, and dive into what you might want to call – after you read it all – some different way of looking into life that doesn’t need that much effort.