I love you…

I love you…

Three words that the meaning has been modified to satisfy all of our human needs. Three words that have been distorted to make people feel different. Three words that are so misunderstood.

To really understand what I am talking about, you need to first understand that the person that you thing that you are is not necessarily made only of flesh and blood but also made from energy. The energy is the most important part of who you really are.

The thought brings the emotion – feeling – that makes your body react. Real love is what makes your body illuminate – not twitch. Real love is what our non-bodily self would characterize as being the highest form of vibrating energy. The kind of energy that can be felt throughout the Universe. The kind of love that you do not need to touch so that you can feel it. There are no need of physical touch to feel this kind of love. This kind of love is so pure and so bright that your human eyes are not able to look at it. It is even brighter that the sun. Only your true self can see it.

It is still inside of us. To let it shine, we need to learn to be ourselves again and be less human, less fleshy. You need also to know that you do not need someone else to help you shine, love. You can do it all by yourself.

Because of ego, through the ages – and I do mean a very, very long time – we have made choices that have kind of dimmed the pilot light of our love for ourselves, for humanity. We have listened to other people before listening to our own voice. We made those choices because we wanted to please others. We wanted to belong, because it seemed that we were not hype enough to be in that gang, or to be friend to this other person. We changed for the wrong reasons.

We are put into this physical body – or I should even say that we have chosen to be in this physical being – to experiment new things. We have left ego make judgement calls that we should have taken. It is time to return to Source and make the intelligent choices: to love others, us, the planet.

We also need to elect officials that are aligned with Source. We need to give back the power to Source. We need to make it right this time. We need to show that we have learned and that we are ready to change for the best.

We have left flesh taken over long enough now. It is time to shine.

I love you…