Crazy humans that we can be

There is this thing called Facebook where everything can be posted and most of it is believed. I just came back from Bali and it is a very beautiful place, a paradise. I haven’t seen any plastic floating in the water. However, on Facebook there is this organisation that is showing plastic floating in the Bali waters and they are asking us to send them money to help clean up the mess. For one dollar, they say that they can clean up 1 pound of plastic and then they send you a beaded bracelet that has been made from the plastic they have gathered. But I haven’t seen any plastic. And of course, I have to add to this. In Bali, a foreigner is not allowed to work. If there would be any work to be done, it should be done by the native. Seems like a scam to me.

There were 4.2 million people at the end of 2014 in Bali. There has to be more now. Besides the planes and the cars and the scooters going around, where I was living there were no other mechanical devices used to do work. What I saw were all hard working laborers. I was there 8 days, and every second day I would go for coffee at this nice restaurant called “I Am Restaurant”. I would pass by a construction site where natives were digging holes, about 20, to accommodate the potential structural posts of a building that will eventually be erected. These holes were going to be filled with concrete, eventually. There was also this man sitting on the concrete sidewalk, cutting through the cement with a chisel and hammer, not a jackhammer. He cut 4 identical holes lining up with the other holes that were dug up in the field. When he was done, you could have sworn that it had been cut with a blade, but the only thing that he had used was a chisel and a hammer.

The whole time that I was there, room service came with a broom and a mop to do the floor. No vacuum cleaner was used. Right beside my room, was a large rice field. I watched two men cut an entire rice field with just a blade. Eventually, there were 5 men with a very small engine device to separate the rice from the weed, but my driver explained that they had to modernize a bit to accommodate the demands. With 4.2 million people plus about 10 million visitors per year, this is quite understandable. However, as my driver explained, the families are still doing it the old ways. Modernization only occurred because of supply and demand.

I really enjoyed my visit there and while I was there I had the opportunity to slow down, which by the way was an immense benefit for my body. I felt the production of cortisol go down to a complete halt. There are no anxious people in Bali. Everyone is so calm, cool and collected. Everyone has chores to do and they do it with pleasure. Everyone helps his neighbor. My driver, explained that being the youngest boy in his family, it is his duty to take care of his aging parents and to make sure that their last years are happy ones. For him, he explained that caring for his parents, and of course his wife and child, is motivation for him to work hard. What wonderful people.

There are no old folks home, no hotels – besides near the airport – no homeless people, no one is on social assistance or employment insurance. Everyone carries his own weight and does what he or she needs to be done. The only thing that is going fast in this country is the traffic… lol.

All of this to say that we Westerners definitively need to slow down. Our levels of cortisol are so high and it seems that they are staying high because our body has become addicted to the high levels in our blood stream. So, we create scenarios to keep it high. Michael Beckwith was asked if he should only choose 2 practices what they would be. And of course he says that it has to be meditation that leads to visioning. Meditation is the key to slowing down, to bring cortisol levels down. Thus creating an atmosphere of serenity, of peace within ourselves. Many people have difficulty attaining a state of peace. Let me tell you that I also did have this problem. So, I will teach you what works for me. There are many great teachers out there. I have tried it with different teachers but couldn’t really attain the state that I was looking for until I met Michael Beckwith. So thank you Michael Beckwith. I don’t know if it is his voice or his wording, but it does work. If you do not find peace within while meditating, don’t stop trying. Like me, you might need to tweak a few practices to finally find the one that best suits you. If you need discussing this process, please feel free to send me an email and we can get in touch and discuss this.

The second practice that he mentioned is visioning. I had done it a few times with him as my teacher. It was a course that I have taken on the internet. It helped immensely. When I done it for the first time in February and March of this year, it really helped me in clarifying what I needed to do in life. Of course, there was just me sitting in from of a monitor and Michael explaining the process through the course I had purchased. However, in Bali I had the opportunity to do it as a group, with Karen Mills-Alston as our moderator. She is a Spiritual Practitioner from the Agape International Center in California, which is led by Michael Beckwith. I don’t know if it was the synergy of the group but the process was very powerful. It brought it to a totally different dimension and level.

I am presently putting together a work book that will help you in many different ways. The question that has risen from some people that have read my book, “This book is not for you”, is the part where they need to know why are they here for. There are all kinds of little tests that you can take that will help you guide you in a certain way. We are also going to work with this too. However, the meditation and visioning are key elements to this process of knowing what we are here for. It brings about visions of what you truly are as a being and what are the key elements of what you need to know.

Sounds out of this world? It also did sound out of this world for me, too. I have decided to do this work book on the net because it is easier for an individual to be in a very quiet space while doing meditation or visioning for the first time. Some people – I know I do –  feel uncomfortable being in a group of people trying new stuff. So, being in a quiet part of the house, trying this for the first time might be the key element for you.

We will also learn a few breathing exercises. We, as human, have forgotten a few important concept in life, thus properly breathing. Many people are not even conscious of their breathing. Being aware of the air coming into your lungs and then leaving your body is very satisfying to the soul.  We will show you the difference between proper breathing and what we call the productive cortisol breathing. After this session, you will not think about breathing the same way you did before, which will be a good thing.

All of this should be ready by the end of March 2019 – the internet sessions and the work book will be available from Amazon. As for my book, the release is planned for the end of November in the American market and for Christmas in the Canadian market, through Amazon of course. There will be no fees for the internet sessions. This is my gift from me to the world. A resumed section of the work book will be available for download and print. You will still have to register of course, but at no cost to you.

Spirit has spoken and I have listened. My journey has just begun within this world, within this body and I am blessed to have listen to what the Collectiveness had to tell me and show me. I am grateful for what I have been given as a purpose. May you find your path through this book and work book. Don’t ever be scared of asking questions. I am here to be your channel to the unforeseen.

And so it is! Amen!