Collagen/HA Matrix Technology

Liquid BioCell® is a new generation of super nutraceuticals – the world’s premier, naturally derived Collagen/HA Matrix with scientifically-tested effectiveness. Award-winning. 7 US & international patents.

It’s hard to argue with science…it’s even harder to argue with results.Liquid BioCell® works from the inside-out.

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Backed by multiple clinical trials and 7 US and international patents, Liquid BioCell® is a new generation of “super ingredients”. It’s the only nutraceutical on the market, backed by clinical trials, to support both joint and skin aging.


Clinical trials show that Liquid BioCell® improves joint mobility, helps promote healthy cartilage and connective tissue, and promotes joint lubrication.





Clinical trials show that Liquid BioCell® counteracts skin’s natural aging and photoaging from the inside-out. It reduces deep lines and wrinkles, eliminates dryness, increases skin’s collagen content and improves skin’s microcirculation, hydration and skin tone.*

For younger looking skin, it’s necessary to replace or rebuild the underlying structure. Unfortunately, getting to this deep layer of skin, called the dermis, isn’t a simple matter because the skin’s outer layer purposefully protects that structure.

Creams and lotions can’t easily reach the dermis; all they can do is moisturize on a topical level. Cosmetic injections can penetrate the structure from the outside, but that’s not always an easy, healthy, or cost effective option.

Researchers looked for an alternative that works from the inside-out and found it in Liquid BioCell®.*